Skin Health Analysis

Our goal at One Health is to provide the best treatments and skincare products suited to the individual needs of our patients.

Skin Health Analysis allows us to better determine what condition your skin is in and assist in following the progress of your treatments and efficacy of products and procedures.


This analysis consists of several elements that reveal different aspects of your skin’s condition.

  1. Physical Exam of the Skin, Hair, and Nails by a Board Certified Dermatologist
  2. Determination of your proper Fitzpatrick Skin Type (I-VI)
  3. Wood’s Light Exam if appropriate
  4. Profect computerized imaging and diagnostics:
  • Reveals potential problem areas that may lead to further aging and other skin complications
  • Detects underlying sun damage before it becomes fully visible
  • Highlights areas of pigmentation before these areas are fully clinically apparent
  • Detects poorly hydrated areas across your face and forehead
  • Detect and monitor redness and vascularity in the face

Your skin type, hydration, pigmentation, and sensitivity are quite important. As there are numerous topicals and procedures, proper evaluation of these variables will greatly assist in choosing the correct treatment course for you. The steps outlined above will help us advise you on how to prepare your skin prior to treatments, determine the areas on your skin that may need the most attention, and monitor the overall improvement of your skin. Your treatment plan will be formulated for YOUR SKIN!

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